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Save me, Barry!

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- You won't be accepted when you're journal is new. Only if there is proof of you being another user with lots of posts, no accepting for now. Sorry.
- You won't be accepted when your userinfo is pretty much empty. Meaning, no friends, not a member of any communities. No sign of life.
- You won't be accepted when you have no stats. 0 posts. 0 comments posted. 0 comments received.

If you have twitter, follow @misfits_ontd to find out asap when there's a new post.
Also follow @simonmisfits, @nathanmisfits, @kellymisfits, @superhoodie, @rudy_misfits, @otherudymisfits and @sethmisfits. These twitter accounts are updated by the writers themselves.

1. Posting: If your entry is big enough to take over the whole page then it probably should be placed behind a cut. This includes;

- More than one video
- Numerous pictures and ones that are over 600px
- Long interviews and articles

If you still don't know how to make a cut please check HERE and learn all about it.

2. Spoilers: All spoilers should be placed behind a cut with a spoiler warning when making a new post. Unexpected spoilers in comments are frowned upon, as well. We know you might get excited once in a while and post something. But try and remember that not everyone likes to know what's going to happen like you do. If you know you're spoilering in your comment, then please put SPOILER as your subject.

3. Sources: If you've got one, please mention it. If you don't or forget to include it, no problem, we won't delete your entry if you left it out. Youtube video speaks for itself.

4. Rude Comments: Please let's be nice to eachother. Arguing is fine, but no personal attacks on other members or you're banned.

5. Graphics: We welcome all kinds of graphics! If you made some icons, wallpapers, banners, painted/drew a picture, etc. post them! We love to see all your talent.

6. Before posting, look through the tags!

7. Most of all, have fun!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the rules or how the community is run, or if you want to affiliate, leave your comment here.
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